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Lesha Shayev is 14 years old, and he looks like an alien. It is impossible to describe his appearance in a way that would make an ordinary person appear. Because there is nothing ordinary about Lesha's appearance.

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The disease - ablepharon-macrostomy syndrome - turned out to be very rare: Lesha was the only one in Russia at that time (now we know about another girl named Taisia). And there are no more than a dozen people worldwide with this genetic disorder. Not surprisingly, the prognosis was the same: The child would die. But he didn't die; he is still alive. And for the past three years, happily.

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His mother gave up on Lesha right away. He had no chance of being placed with a foster family. He lived in orphanages until he was 12 years old, the last one was an orphanage (boarding school). And then Leshu was accidentally seen in a photo by Nadezhda Yarikhmetova and took the boy into her family. However, a year passed between their first meeting and the day when Lesha found himself forever at home.